Providing Accurate Information in Making an Export Declaration.

  • An exporter should make an accurate customs declaration by laws related to trade and customs clearance, such as the Customs Act and the Foreign Trade Act.
  • Any false information in the export declaration or export without filing declaration may be subject to punishment on charges of false report, smuggling, or price manipulation under the Customs Act.

Document review or customs Inspection may be Carried out in Export Clearance.

  • To review the export declaration, the customs certifies whether there is any violation under the Customs Act or the Foreign Trade Act, and whether the export is illegitimate. When no risk is found, customs grants an expedited clearance.

Making an Export Declaration to the Head of the Customs office with Jurisdiction over the Place of Cargo Storage.

  • The exporter should make an export declaration to the Head of the customs house with control over the place where the export goods are stored. Failure to submit the declaration may be subject to punishment on a false reporting charge.

The stolen or Registered Used-Cars & Lost or Stolen Smartphones, etc. can not be Exported.

  • Before exporting used cars (including construction machinery), exporters are required to cancel their registration at vehicle registration offices.Used cars have to be reported after they are taken into the bonded area to prevent illegal export of the stolen used cars. (as of April 2017))
    • Before exporting used smartphones, the exporter has to check with the Korea Association for ICT Promotion to check whether they are lost or stolen.
    • For the goods mentioned above, the customs conducts examination and inspections to check whether the goods are lost or stolen and whether their registration has been canceled.

Shipment within 30 days from the Date of Export Declaration Acceptance.

  • Within 30 days from the date on which the export declaration is accepted, the exporter is required to load the goods on the means of transport. However, the period can be extended by up to a year.

Check Whether the Goods are subject to a special Export Control when Making an Export Declaration.

  • An Exporter needs to get approval from competent institutions to export goods subject to The Directive on the Designation of Goods Subject to Customs Confirmation of Clearance Requirements and Methods of the Confirmation under Article 226 of the Customs Act or goods that are subject to the export control under Article 19 of the Foreign Trade Act.
Relevant LawsGoods Concerned
(1) Narcotics Control ActGoods subject to the Narcotics Control Act
(2) Defense Acquisition Program ActGoods subject to the Defense Acquisition Program Act
(3) Act on the Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their DisposalGoods subject to the 「Act on the Transboundary Movements of Hazardous wastes and Their Disposal」
(4) Foreign Exchange Transactions ActGoods subject to the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act
(5) Act on the Safety Management of Guns, Swords, Explosives, etcPistols, rifles, machine guns, artillery, gunpowder, and ExplosivesOther guns and their parts, swords, blasting agents, spray guns, electroshock weapons, and crossbows
(6) Wildlife Protection and Management ActWild animals
Wild animals and plants in danger of Endangered wildlife
Wildlife subject to approval for taking out of Korea
(7) Cultural Heritage Protection ActGoods subject to the Cultural Heritage Protection Act
(8) Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation ActGoods subject to the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act
(9) Nuclear Safety ActNuclear materialsRadioisotopes and radiation generating devices
(10) Act on the Prevention of Contagious Animal DiseasesGoods subject to the Act on the Prevention of Contagious Animal Diseases
(11) Wastes Control ActGoods subject to the Wastes Control Act
(12) Act on the Preservation, Management and Use of Agricultural Bio-resourcesGinseng seeds

The flow of Import Clearance Processing

  • Export refers to the process of making an export declaration to customs, getting the declaration accepted and loading exporting goods to a vessel(aircraft) abroad.
  • Export Procedure
  • Export Processing Procedure