Flea markets have become increasingly popular in Korea in recent years. Following are some you may want to check out - either to sell, to buy, or to just browse and people watch.

Aladin is a treasure cave for book lovers, students, etc. Although most of the inventory is in Korean, it is also possible to find a selection of fiction and non-fiction books in English at a fraction of the price elsewhere. Lots of helpful books for students of Korean as well as CDs and DVDs. Aladin will also buy books depending on their stock, current demand, and the condition of the book. There are 7 branches around Seoul including Daehangno, Gangnam, Jongno, Sinchon, and Bundang.

Daehangno Philippine Market is a meeting place for Filipinos looking to sell or buy groceries, food, magazines, CD's, etc. from the Philippines and also attracts other Expat and Korean shoppers interested in finding cheap second-hand cell phones, international calling cards, books, fruit, and vegetables, not to mention freshly cooked food. The Filipino market is held every Sunday, from 12:00 to 18:00. Directions: Take subway line 4 to Hyehwa station (420), and go out exit 1. Walk ahead until you reach Dongseong Middle & High School on the right.

Gwanghwamun Flea Market is in the little park on the way to Gyeongbokgung Palace. It is open from 11:00 to 16:00 every Saturday. If you have anything to sell, you can register on-site and pay a participation fee of 2,000 won. Directions: Go out exit 2 of Gwanghwamun Station (533). Walk past the U.S. Embassy and on your right is Yulinmadang Park where the market is held.

Hongdae Free Market opens at 13:00 every Saturday from March to November and offers art plus arts/crafts from university students. Instead of used goods, you will find a variety of items handcrafted by college-age artists. There are also portrait artists and caricaturists on hand to immortalize you, while you enjoy the impromptu music performances. Directions: Get off at Hongik Univ. Station (239) and take Exit 5, walk straight to the four-way intersection, make a left. Continue until the end of the street, make a right, follow the uphill road on the right. The market is in a playground across from the entrance to Hongkik University.

Hwanghak-dong Flea Market is located near Dongdaemun (Sindang Station, Lines 2 and 6, Exit 1 or 2) and offers a wide variety of secondhand products, especially electronics with about 500 vendors. Hours: daily 9 AM-7 PM. As you browse through the piles of stuff, you'll find everything from kitchenware, bags, jewelry, fishing gear, wigs, toys, antiques.

N Generation Flea Market is located in Hun-ryen-won Park, 5-ga Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul, near the National Medical Center, and targets young people.

Night Flea Market - Bling & Platoon is held every first Saturday from 8 PM to Midnight. This market attracts the artsy and hip with its 'tombla, auction 'n action, DJ, drinks, food, and fun people.
To get there go to Hakdong Station, line 7, stop 731, exit 10. Walk straight to the first main intersection and turn left, going straight for 5 blocks. The building is on the left, behind a car dealership. You can also take a taxi to the Dosan Park Junction from the subway station. Prices here may be a little higher than other flea markets.

Sadang (area) Flea Market is open on Saturdays and offers a good array of second-hand goods - clothing and household goods, including old Korean paintings and cookware. You can get there by going out Exit 14 of Sadang Station (Line 2 Stop 226 or Line 4 Stop 433). Go straight taking a left after the first building. The flea market is located in a car park behind the Pastel City Mall.

Seocho Flea Market is located at the Seocho District Office plaza in front of  Yangjae Station (342) Go out exit 8 and turn left. It is one of Korea's largest flea markets and carries clothing, shoes, electronics, and much more - almost everything except food.  The site is open for all sellers on a first-come-first-served basis from 8 a.m. every Saturday and for buyers from 9:30 to 15:30.  A lot of vendors start closing up at around 14:00.

Seoul Folk Flea Market is located not too far from Cheonggyecheon (Stream). To get there go out exit 9 of Sinseol-dong Subway Station (line 1/2, stop 126) and walk straight for about 100 meters. The market is open 7 days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is closed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

TTukseom Flea Market is held every Saturday from Noon to 4 PM in Ttukseom Riverside Park. You can find just about anything here. It's like one huge garage sale with ex-pats and locals alike getting rid of what they no longer want or need. It's also a great place for the dedicated treasure hunter. There is no participation fee for vendors but all are encouraged to donate a little of what they've made to help underprivileged children. To get there, go out Exits 2 or 3 of Ttukseom Resort Station (Line 7, Stop 728) Go under the bridge and walk straight until you come to the market. The market's website has information in English.

Yongsan Flea Market is held at the arcade between Seonun Sangga and Najin Sangga near Yongsan Subway Station (136) from 11:00 to 19:00 every weekend (note: closed the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month).  the market offers computer supplies like mouses, keyboards, mousepads, monitors, sound cards, and even computers at more favorable prices than in retail centers. Although most are either used or carried over, it is possible to find new products as well.