Thousands of us around the world wake up every day with a common purpose to make the world a safer, more secure and sustainable place. Science is in our DNA; we are endlessly curious and passionate about seeking and speaking the truth. We take delight in knowing that our work makes a meaningful contribution to society, and we are proud that our culture is centered on integrity, collaboration, inclusion and excellence. UL stands at the forefront of technological advancement, and we are continually challenged to find new ways to foster innovation and positive change. Satisfying? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely!

Laboratory Assistant

  • Sample Management for EMC-W Testing (incl. Customs)
  • Test Report Writing

As instructed and defined in the procedure, write the test report and manage the samples for the EMC-Wireless testing such as receiving, distributing, keeping, returning samples and other sample related activities (incl. dealing with carriers, customers).

  • Receiving Samples Receiving, Registering and Labeling of samples from local or overseas
  • Distributing Samples Distributing samples as and tracking their location
  • Keeping Samples Safe storage without stowing and destroying / losing samples in waiting or testing samples
  • Returning or Destroy of Samples Upon completion of the test, the sample is returned to customers (local or overseas) or destroyed as requested.
  • Customs clearance Sample handling and customs clearance (including expense handling) for international customers and laboratories
  • Preparing and writing reports, typing documents, filing.

시료 관리 및 성적서 작성 업무 지원

  • 전자파 적합성 인증 시료 관리 (통관 업무 포함)
  • 시험 성적서 작성

당사 절차에 따라 전자파 적합성 인증을 위한 시험 성적서 작성 지원, 시료의 입고, 분배, 보관, 반출 관리 및 제반 업무 (배송 업체, 통관 업무, 관련 비용 처리)를 담당한다.

  • 시료의 입고 국내외 시료 접수, 등록, 라벨링
  • 시료의 분배 지시에 따른 샘플의 내부 팀 분배 및 Tracking
  • 시료의 보관 시험 대기 혹은 시험 완료된 샘플에 대한 시료의 정위치 보관 및 파손/분실 없이 안전한 보관
  • 시료의 반출 및 파기 시험이 완료된 시료에 대하여, 고객에 요청에 따라 국내외 고객에게 반환 혹은 절차에 따른 파기
  • 통관 업무 국외 고객 및 시험소간 이동을 위한 시료의 처리 및 통관 업무 (비용처리 포함)
  • 시험 성적서 작성을 위한 자료 준비 및 작성
  • 학력 초대졸 이상 (college graduate or higher)
  • 전공 무관
  • 신입/경력 무관
  • 언어 [우대] 영어 초급 이상 (내부 시스템 사용, 통관 업무 진행, 국외 고객 및 UL Office외 샘플 관련 communication이 요구됨)
  • 정보 보안을 위한 신뢰성 및 표준 절차에 따른 시료 관리 요구됨
  • 엑셀 활용 가능자, 컴퓨터 활용능력 우수
  • Mission For UL, corporate and social responsibility isn’t new. Making the world a safer, more secure and sustainable place has been our business model for the last 125 years and is deeply engrained in everything we do
  • People Ask any UL employee what they love most about working here, and you’ll almost always hear, “the people.” Going beyond what is possible is the standard at UL. We’re able to deliver the best because we employ the best.
  • Interesting work Every day is different for us here as we eagerly anticipate the next innovation that our customers’ create. We’re inspired to take on the challenge that will transform how people live, work and play. And as a global company, in many roles, you will get international experience working with colleagues around the world.
  • Grow & achieve We learn, work and grow together with targeted development, reward and recognition programs as well as our very own UL University that offers extensive training programs for employees at all stages, including a technical training track for applicable roles.

Working at UL is an exciting journey that twists and turns daily. We thrive in the twists and revel in the turns. This is our every day. This is our normal.

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